Pinidiya Enterprises,  we are happy and proud to provide our service with 100% customer sanctification. We are the authorized dealers for Lanka Plywood, Indian Plywood, Nippon Paint in the Bandarawela area and we provide Islan-wide delivery. And we are the leading Plywood in Bandarawela Area Pinidiya Enterprises owned,

  • Hotel Pinidiya
  • Pinidiya Bunglow
  • Pinidiya Flora

Our Partners

We have skillful people with good experience. Mr. Sanka Niroshan Wijesundara is the Owner of the Pinidiya Enterprises. And he is doing a really good job to manage the business and maintain the Quality of Services.


Sanka Wijesundara

Chief Executive Officer

“Don’t worry about the failure, you only have to be right once

Sanka Wijesundara


“Wear you Failure as a Badge of Horner

Our Vision

We aim to build upon the strength of current foundations to meet the demands and challenges of the future and seek to explore new technologies and create paint innovations to cater to our customers’ needs. We seek to develop technologically advanced yet environmental friendly paint products that will not only beautify but also protect our surroundings